Yay, David! 10 Timeless Moments Between Alexis and David on Schitt’s Creek

I may not always relate with Alexis’s nightmarishly ridiculous hijinks, Moira’s over-the-top fashion sense, or the uber-luxurious lives lead by the Roses before their Schitt’s Creek days, but having two siblings, I can definitely see myself in the love-hate relationship of the sibling-duo – David and Alexis. Portrayed by Dan Levy and Annie Murphy, these two can get on each other’s nerves pretty easily yet always have each other’s back in times of need. From engaging in petty bickering and hilarious verbal spar matches to giving each other timely reality checks to being one another’s biggest cheerleaders and critics – these two have made immense personal and interpersonal strides over the course of six seasons. Read ahead to find the best David and Alexis – or Alex and Davis, depending on who you ask – moments from the show that are flawlessly timeless in my opinion.

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