We Should’ve Known Loki Would Be Behind the Unsolved Mystery of D.B. Cooper

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Who knew that the first episode of Loki would reveal the identity of infamous hijacker D.B. Cooper? Well, sort of. Arguably one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century, it’s been 50 years since someone using the alias of Dan Cooper purchased a ticket and boarded a plane for Seattle. But how does Loki, the God of Mischief, fit into all of this? Well, if the events of Loki are to be believed, he’s been D.B. Cooper all along.

To understand Loki‘s reference, here’s an overview of what really happened. On Nov. 24, 1971, a man in his mid-40s used cash to purchase a one-way ticket to Seattle. While waiting for the flight to take off, he ordered a drink and handed the flight attendant a note indicating that he had a bomb in his briefcase. After showing her “the bomb,” he gave her a new note requesting four parachutes and $200,000 in $20 bills. When the flight landed, Cooper exchanged the passengers for the money and parachutes. The plane then took off for Mexico City, and while en route, Cooper jumped out the back of the plane with the ransom money, never to be seen again. There was a new development in 1980 when a young boy found a rotting package full of bills that matched the ransom money’s serial numbers. However, in 2016, the FBI officially “redirected resources allocated to the D.B. Cooper case to focus on other investigative priorities.”

Image Source: YouTube user Marvel Entertainment

On the show, Loki in his Cooper guise is downright flirtatious while interacting with the flight attendant. It all feels like a game to him as he’s not doing it for monetary gains, like the real Cooper, or because he’s “burdened with glorious purpose.” Nope, Loki hijacks the plane and demands the money because he loses a bet against Thor. The “real” reason, or at least the MCU’s reason, that Cooper has never been found is that just as Loki jumps out of the plane, he returns to Asgard via Heimdall and the Bifrost.

If you’re wondering why the MCU felt the need to make Loki the answer to this particular mystery, it’s all because of head writer Michael Waldron. “That was me writing the pilot, or writing the first episode, having fun with Mobius showing Loki the scenes from his life,” he said in an interview with Decider. “People, I think when they heard about this show, they always thought, ‘OK, it’s Loki traveling through time influencing historical events’ . . . And I got excited about, ‘What is the really fun stuff that we can imagine [for Loki]?’ And I just love D.B. Cooper. It’s a great piece of American folklore and now it’s canon: Loki is D.B. Cooper [in the Marvel Cinematic Universe]. We solved the riddle.” Loki is now streaming on Disney+.

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