Watch There’s Someone Inside Your House Star Sydney Park Break Down Her Thrilling Fight Scene

Netflix’s new teen slasher film is making a star out of Sydney Park. The 23-year-old actress stars in There’s Someone Inside Your House, which is based on Stephanie Perkins’s 2017 horror novel about the graduating class at Osborne High School being targeted by a masked killer on the loose who’s exposing their biggest secrets. Park, who plays heroine Makani Young, sat down with Netflix Film Club for a technical breakdown of her epic fight scene where her character encounters the movie’s killer and almost becomes their next victim.

“This was a very long night. It was very cold outside, and I had to be kind of wet for like a majority of the night with that sweatshirt,” she explained in the video, referencing her character nearly being set on fire. “A window is a recipe for disaster in a horror film,” she continued about the scene. “This was actually really scary for me because I was so tired too, and watching myself through that window, and it was pitch black outside. Really got me into the zone, it was terrifying.” Watch Park give her full scary-movie commentary on her fight scene above.

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