Watch Tabria Majors Perfectly Channel Ciara in This Truly Iconic Birthday Tribute Video

We can’t think of a better way to honor Ciara for her birthday than with an epic tribute video from none other than Tabria Majors! Majors, who’s known for her big-budget celebrity Halloween tributes, might have actually topped her viral ode to Beyoncé with yet another mind-blowing video. As expected, the video perfectly pays homage to Ciara’s biggest songs and music videos. On top of that, Majors thanked Ciara for her iconic contributions with a heartfelt message on Instagram that gave the singer her well-deserved flowers.

“I want to wish an incredibly Happy Birthday to the one and only @ciara !!!,” she captioned her post. “I hope you know how adored you are, how many people look up to you, the lives of those you’ve affected, the careers you’ve inspired, the hits that you’ve given us…I could go on and on about how incredible you are! The minimal performance and dance skills I have PALE in comparison to yours, but I hope you appreciate this nonetheless lol.”

From “Goodies” and “1, 2 Step” to “Body Party,” “Level Up,” and so many more hits, Majors did exactly what needed to be done in the 16-minute short film to re-create the icon’s most famous outfits and choreography. Watch as Majors delivers a Ciara master class in the video above!

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