Tucker Carlson speaks to DailyMailTV about George Floyd

Tucker Carlson says influential Americans like Kamala Harris, Jeff Bezos and Susan Rice are using George Floyd‘s death to make themselves more powerful and divide the country along racial lines. 

In a wide-ranging interview with DailyMailTV to promote his new podcast and documentary series Tucker Carlson Originals, Carlson opened up about the recent conviction of Derek Chauvin after he was found guilty of killing Floyd in Minneapolis last year. 

The Fox News host said while police officers who abuse their power should be punished, those with more power – such as politicians and business leaders – who leveraged Floyd’s death were ‘far scarier’. 

‘What I’m really struck by is the use of George Ford’s death to make people in power more powerful and to do that by dividing the country along racial lines, which is clearly what they’re doing,’ Carlson said. 

‘When the verdict came down, you’d think the people who were rooting for the murder charge, rooting for the guilt of Officer Chauvin, would have been thrilled. No, they weren’t. They were even madder.

‘This was just the beginning … you hear peopele say, well, actually, it’s not one officer who’s guilty. It’s America was guilty. Really? I’m not guilty.  

‘People using the death, the sad death, the tragic death of someone to make themselves more powerful is far scarier than anything the Minneapolis Police Department has ever done.’ 

Tucker Carlson gave a wide-ranging interview with DailyMailTV on Friday to promote his new podcast and documentary series Tucker Carlson Originals

He specifically called out Vice President Harris, Biden adviser Susan Rice and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. 

‘Susan Rice is out of control. Kamala Harris is out of control. I mean, those are the people you should be afraid of. The people with actual power are the ones you should be paying very close attention to… Jeff Bezos. Not some cop who makes 60 grand a year.

Chauvin was convicted on April 20 on all three counts related to Floyd’s death after he pinned the black man to the ground for nearly nine minutes.

Three other officers, who have all been fired from the police department, face trial in August. 

When asked if he thought the other officers should also be convicted, Carlson said he would hold off judgement until he had seen the evidence at trial. 

‘Anybody in authority who abuses power should be punished, period. You know, we give the police an awful lot of power and we should make certain that they don’t abuse it,’ he said. 

‘I’m not sure looking at the trial that they proved he meant to kill. I’m not in (Chauvin’s) mind. I don’t know what he meant to do.’ 

When asked about whether there was a systemic issue of racism built into how policing is performed in the US, Carlson said he was open to someone explaining – and offering evidence – of what systemic racism is. 

Chauvin pictured in his mugshot after being found guilty

Chauvin was found guilty of killing Floyd

Chauvin was convicted on April 20 on all three counts related to George Floyd’s death after he pinned the black man to the ground for nearly nine minutes 

‘If someone could explain to me what systemic racism is and then show that it exists, I mean, I would believe it. I believe anything. I don’t know what systemic racism is exactly. No one has ever defined it,’ he said. 

‘I’ve seen people use the term in order to make themselves more powerful. That’s the point of it. But I’ve never seen anybody tell me precisely what it is.’

How ‘wokeness’ in private schools is now nationwide and the richest are ‘the most racist’  

Carlson went on to say that he believes ‘wokeness’ in schools was becoming a nationwide issue. 

‘The private schools are out of control,’ he said, adding that his children were already out of school but he hears about it each day.

‘The most expensive schools in the country are the most racist. By racist, I mean judging people, assigning value in the basis of skin color, which is like the one thing we agreed we wouldn’t do. It’s immoral.

‘We’ve got a lot of people, 350 million people, in the country – they don’t have a lot in common, they don’t look alike, share the same religion, maybe even the same language.

‘So you have to keep them united somehow and the only way you do that is by emphasizing their common humanity: They’re all human beings. 

‘By emphasizing their common Americanness, we’re all in this together. We’re all American. If you take those things out of the formula, then you just have warring tribes fighting each other and things fall apart. 

Vice President Kamala Harris

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

The Fox News host said while police officers who abuse their power should be punished, those with more power – such as politicians and business leaders – who leveraged Floyd’s death were ‘far scarier’. He specifically called out Vice President Harris and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

‘I feel like a lot is at stake here, an awful lot, and we should stay on this.’

Carlson admitted he didn’t know how to unite the country, saying only: ‘I want people to see each other as human beings not as, you know, rival members of warring tribes on the other side.’ 

Social media: How it is distorting fair trials and effecting the way we think 

Elsewhere in the interview, Carlson touched on social media and the effects it can have today on everything from fair court trials to highlighting divisions in the country. 

‘Social media are so new, relatively speaking, that they’re distorting effects not just on trials but on the way that we live, in the way that we think,’ he said. 

‘We do know that most of our life experiences at this point are filtered through digital media of some kind and I don’t think that we have spent enough time thinking about the effects of that. 

‘My sense is that it’s civilization ending. My sense is that it’s destroying everything that we valued and that it’s worse than any pandemic. That is probably the worst thing in human history. That’s my gut sense. I can’t prove that. 

‘We seem to be serving technology. We’re no longer served by technology. We’re servants and I’m really bothered by it.’

He went onto to say that he believes you don’t get a sense of what a person is like when the human experience is filtered through digital media. 

‘I would never force a mask or a vaccine on anyone’: How people are being shamed for their COVID opinions 

Carlson, who has repeatedly questioned why people are still wearing masks outside, also touched on the COVID-19 pandemic and the shame people have received for questioning health officials.  

He spoke after the CDC changed guidelines this week to say vaccinated Americans no longer have to wear masks outside. 

‘If vaccines work and everyone who wants a vaccine can get a vaccine – and that’s what they’re telling us and I believe them – then why is anyone wearing a mask?’ he said. 

‘If you’re afraid of COVID, you can get a vaccine. And if you’re not afraid of COVID, you don’t have to get a vaccine. And then we’re kind of fine and we can return to normal life. 

‘I would never force a mask or a vaccine on anyone.’

Carlson stopped short of saying whether he had received the vaccine but said he was big supporter of it. 

‘I believe vaccines are the single most effective life saving advance in the history of medicine. So I’m completely for vaccines. All my kids have been vaccinated. I’m grateful that we were able to do that as Americans. I couldn’t be more for the vaccine,’ he said. 

‘I’m the opposite of an anti vaxxer.’ 

Carlson said he was wary, however, of not receiving straight answers when asking questions about the vaccine. 

‘You see certain people are more afraid to take the vaccine because they don’t feel like they’re getting straight answers or because the government is targeting them. I mean, the efforts to get African-Americans vaccinated… I’m not against making sure everyone can get the vaccine. But targeting black people for the vaccine seems to have scared the hell out of a lot of black people,’ he said. 

‘I mean, the vaccination levels for African-Americans, as far as I know, are considerably lower than for whites, for example. And I totally get that. 

‘I mean, I understand why if someone’s like, oh, no, you must have this. You’re like, wait a second, why are you singling out it would make you nervous? I think that’s totally human.’

Tucker’s new video Podcast and long-form documentary series ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ available on FOX Nation, FOX News Media’s streaming platform. 

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