Today: Ally Langdon and Karl Stefanovic laugh at Jeff Bezos’ space rocket

Today hosts Ally Langdon and Karl Stefanovic lose it over Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ space rocket – but can you tell what they’re laughing at?

Karl Stefanovic may be 46 years old, but he still has the mind of a teenage boy.

The Today host couldn’t stop laughing on Tuesday morning while reporting on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ plans to fly into space next month on a rocket built by his company Blue Origin.

He lost his composure after noticing the cutting-edge spaceship looked like a penis, something his co-anchor Ally Langdon, 42, found equally amusing.

It wasn’t a brief fit of giggles either; Karl and Ally actually laughed throughout the entire three-minute segment.

A giggling Ally began the report: ‘Rockets everywhere this morning.

‘Outdoing his fellow billionaires in the race to space, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos will blast into orbit next month.’

‘You know what they call that?’ a stunned Karl asked. ‘They call in Blue Origin.’

He then added: That look a little odd to you, or is that just me?’

As the co-hosts struggled to stifle their laughter, Today newsreader Alex Cullen actually had tears in his eyes.

Ally then snapped at the boys to ‘grow up’ – even though she was chortling too.

Over in Nine’s LA bureau, Nine’s U.S. correspondent Alison Piotrowski also struggled to contain her laughter as she explained how Bezos hopes the Blue Origin flight will kickstart Amazon’s plans for space tourism. 


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