This Sibling Singing Quartet Is So Talented, They’re Even on Rihanna’s Radar

There’s something about a family band that just hits different — it’s almost like you can feel their bond through the music. Four Washington, a sibling singing group from Jackson, MS, that boasts over 500,000 followers on TikTok and almost 150,000 on Instagram, embodies exactly that. Siblings Cameron, Carmen, Reginald Jr., and Arrianna have pretty much been living on my TikTok For You page for the past few months, performing beautiful a cappella covers of popular songs so perfectly in sync.

Every time I come across a video of the group, I can’t help but watch it on loop to soak in their incredible harmonies. And it’s not just me who can’t get enough — the quartet even landed on Rihanna‘s radar, who wrote “Y’all so 🔥” on their rendition of Faith Evans’s “Never Gonna Let You Go.” Ahead, check out some of our favorite covers and prepare for some goosebumps.

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