The two boxes you must pack when moving house

REVEALED: The two boxes everyone should pack when they move house and why it makes EVERYTHING easier

  • Westpac have shared tips to help people move house more efficiently
  • One of their top tips is to have a moving day box with go-to items inside
  • They also recommend having a ‘build box’ filled with tools and cleaning products

Experts have revealed the two most important boxes to pack when moving house and claim they will make transitioning to your new home much easier.

The first is a ‘moving night’ box with your favourite pyjamas, toilet paper and a phone charger.

The second is the ‘build box’ which should have all of the tools you need to put your furniture back together easily.

Experts have revealed the two most important boxes to pack when moving house and claim they will make transitioning to your new home much easier

The tips have been shared by Westpac, who say the key to an easy move is preparation. 

The ‘moving day’ box will differ slightly depending on your circumstances but should always include bedding, toiletries and chargers for your everyday devices.

Medications, toilet paper, towels, and an assortment of plates, cups and cutlery should also be included.

‘It would also be handy to have an esky with essentials such as tea/coffee, milk, bread, butter and so on. And remember to check that the hot water is turned on so you’re not coping with cold showers on your first night,’ they said.

The ‘build box’ or unpacking box is also crucial, according to the bank’s experts.

This box usually has all of the Allen keys, screwdrivers and other tools needed to put your furniture together. This box can also include marking pens, a notepad, tape and cleaning products.

‘Having all these items in one place and easily accessible will save you time and angst when settling into your new home.’


1 – Gather together your packing materials such as butcher’s paper, bubblewrap, masking tape, labels, a utility knife and pair of scissors, and marking pens.

2 – Label and record boxes as you pack them.

3 – Clearly mark fragile items so everyone takes special care of them.

4 – Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items.

5 – Heavy boxes go on the bottom, lighter boxes on top. 

Westpac also recommend keeping an inventory of each box so things don’t get misplaced in the move.

They also advised keeping heavy boxes on the bottom and light boxes on the top when organising your belongings.

‘Consider packing personal items like clothing, books, linen, and even your computer, yourself and think about whether there are any items that you may wish to transport yourself such as important documents, jewellery, or the family’s treasured heirlooms.’   


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