The top property turn-offs and what home buyers they look for when securing a home

‘I can afford it’

NSW 47 per cent, Victoria 48 per cent, Queensland 49 per cent, South Australia, 49 per cent, Western Australia 54 per cent

NATIONAL: 49 per cent

Proximity to public transport

NSW 45 per cent, Victoria 44 per cent, Queensland 28 per cent, South Australia 38 per cent, Western Australia 37 per cent

NATIONAL: 40 per cent

Proximity to shops/ high street

NSW 31 per cent, Victoria 30 per cent, Queensland 23 per cent, South Australia 27 per cent, Western Australia 28 per cent

NATIONAL: 29 per cent  

Low crime rate/ safety

NSW 22 per cent, Victoria 22 per cent, Queensland 32 per cent, South Australia 33 per cent, Western Australia 23 per cent

NATIONAL: 25 per cent  

‘I expect property prices to increase in value in that area’ 

NSW 23 per cent, Victoria 24 per cent, Queensland 25 per cent, South Australia 27 per cent, Western Australia 27 per cent

NATIONAL: 25 per cent 

Source: Finder’s First Home Buyers Report 2021, which surveyed 1,028 first home buyers 

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