Stranger Things: the Mysterious Season 4 Trailer Teases Eleven’s Return to the Hawkins Lab

Stranger Things season four is officially in production, and we have a new glimpse to hold us over. On Thursday, Netflix shared a quick teaser, which hints that Eleven is back in Hawkins National Laboratory. As we see kids running around in a room with shaved heads and hospital gowns, a white-haired man enters the room and tells them he has something “very special” planned for them. The camera then zooms to a room with the number 11 before we get a quick glimpse of Millie Bobby Brown’s character.

Netflix previously shared a teaser for season four back in February 2020, and confirmed our suspicions: Jim Hopper is alive! The 50-second clip starts out pretty ominous, showing a snowy scene in Russia where prisoners are forced to brave the bitter cold while being overseen by gun-wielding authorities. As the tense music picks up, the camera slowly approaches one man in particular, who reveals himself to be a bald Jim (David Harbour). So, yes, our favorite Hawkins police chief survived season three. But it certainly looks like he’s still in quite a bit of trouble. Watch the teasers, then read up on our theories for the upcoming season!

Additional reporting by Kelsie Gibson

From Russia with love… Teaser

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