Still Reeling After Reading Ashley Audrain’s The Push? Here Are 15 Books to Read Next

It’s not often that you open a book and are drawn in so completely, so quickly, that you don’t even notice the hours slipping by. Suddenly, it’s all you can do to get back to the book. It sounds dramatic, but that’s exactly how I felt when reading The Push by Ashley Audrain.

The Push is about Blythe Connor, who wants to be a good mom to her daughter, Violet, despite her less-than-stellar example from her own mom. But motherhood is exhausting, especially when you are still in the newborn stage, and Blythe can’t figure out if there’s something wrong with her or if she’s just imagining it like her husband, Fox, says. Blythe struggles with her own sanity — and readers fight through their own thoughts on the truth Blythe tells us. When Sam is born, everyone is happy for a while until something changes their lives in an instant, forcing Blythe to face the truth.

You’ll want to read this book without stopping, but be prepared to feel a dizzy, emotional book hangover when it ends. To help combat that, read one of these other amazing psychological thrillers in the slides ahead.

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