Someone Compiled the Schitt’s Creek Cast’s First and Last Lines Into This Nostalgic Video

Sorry, I can’t talk right now: I’m too busy weeping over the Schitt’s Creek YouTube channel’s latest video. On April 21, whoever manages the account decided to singlehandedly target my fragile tear ducts by releasing a montage that showcases each character’s first and last lines in the series. It’s nostalgic, it’s emotional, and quite frankly, I don’t think I’m too far off base when I say it deserves a last-minute Oscar nomination.

Some standout one-liners from the compilation include Wendy Kurtz’s “You wanna get high?” from season five, Ted Mullens’s final “I love you, too” to Alexis Rose, David Rose’s aggressive “No, you step aside, you step aside!” from the series premiere, and, of course, Johnny Rose’s pure AF “Just wanted one last look” from the series finale as he’s leaving Schitt’s Creek to head to California. If you’re a diehard Schitthead and miss the sitcom just as much as I do, I advise grabbing several tissues before pressing play on the video above.

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