‘Sick’ Liam Payne gives fans an update after suffering mystery illness

‘Sick’ Liam Payne mimics Harry Styles with his croaky voice and says he’s ‘a depressive madman’ when he can’t work out… and reveals he and Cheryl have been teaching son Bear to swim

Liam Payne has taken to YouTube to update his fans on why he’s ‘been quiet’ lately – revealing he’s been very sick.

The singer, 27, didn’t stipulate what he’s been suffering with, but joked about wearing a mask in case he ‘infects his camera’, as he recorded a 16 minute message to his followers.

During the update, the One Direction star noted how similar he sounds to former bandmate Harry Styles, with his croaky voice and northern accent.

Mystery illness: Liam Payne has taken to YouTube to update his fans on why he’s ‘been quiet’ lately – revealing he’s been very sick

‘I feel like this becomes like a Harry Styles constant impression! Maybe I’ve took his voice on for something…’ he joked, before also comparing himself to Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

Liam explained that he had learnt from his time being unwell that being unable to exercise can make him feel agitated.

‘When I can’t train or work out I become a depressive madman!’ he admitted, before explaining that he has been spending more time with his son Bear, 4, whom he shares with ex Cheryl.

‘I’ve been trying to teach him how to swim, which is tasking. As a dad I try to push him quite hard sometimes, its tough to know the right balance. His mum’s quite good at that, to be fair, his mum’s quite good at that stuff…’ he explained.

Uncanny: 'This is like one long Harry Styles impression!' he joked, noting his croaky northern voice

Uncanny: ‘This is like one long Harry Styles impression!’ he joked, noting his croaky northern voice

He also revealed he has been teaching Bear ‘about movie trailers’, and added that he’s enjoyed spending quality time with his son.

‘But it’s also been a very weird and very poorly few weeks – a lot of coughing – I feel for anyone who’s ill right now,’ Liam added, before clarifying that he wasn’t suffering from COVID-19.

Liam explained that he has taken up jiu-jitsu and has moved house – but that moving prevents him from being artistic.

He went on to explain how he is working on an NFT [non-fungible token] about someone ‘trapped in a cage’ – which he said was based on how he felt in lockdown.

Feeling nostalgic, Liam added that it’s been four years since his single Strip That Down, thanking Ed Sheeran for ‘helping to write such a wonderful song for me’.

He went on: ‘Obviously I was nervous… there was the famous line about the band which I was unsure about but I didn’t get into any trouble with the boys, which we call a pass.’

Liam chatted about his long-hair look from a couple of months ago, and joked that ‘the wheels came off for a bit’ and that he ‘looked like an apostle’.


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