See Maya Hawke in the Chilling First 5 Minutes of Fear Street: 1994, but Only If You Dare

“It began as a prank and ended in murder,” Maya Hawke reads from the cover of a paperback horror novel in the first five minutes of Netflix’s Fear Street: 1994. The first in a chilling trilogy inspired by the R.L. Stine books of the same name, the film — which premieres on Friday, July 2 — takes us on a journey through the local mall in Shadyside, OH, where Hawke’s character works as a cashier at the B. Dalton bookstore. Seconds after the mall shuts down and the lights dim all around, she receives a prank phone call from a friend who works at the nearby Spencer’s, setting an ominous tone for what quickly transforms into a blood-curdling evening.

Shaken after the call, Maya is on her guard as she stays behind to clean up the bookshop. Minutes later, she finds herself running from a masked serial killer, à la Drew Barrymore in Scream. Before we’ve even had a chance to worry about refilling our popcorn, the slasher film has us on the edge of our seats with heart-pounding chase scenes and jumpscares from all angles. See if you can spot the killer before Hawke does in the sneak preview above.

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