PlayStation executive is fired after he was filmed inviting a 15-YEAR-OLD for to his house for sex

PlayStation executive, 64, is fired after he was caught inviting 15-YEAR-OLD boy to his house for sex in ‘predator’ sting operation

  • George Cacioppo, 64, was a senior vice president of engineering at PlayStation
  • The executive chatted with a decoy claiming to be 15 on the hookup app Grindr
  • The text exchanges, and eventual confrontation with a videographer, were shared on YouTube by the amateur ‘predator’ sting account ‘People v. Preds’
  • On Sunday, Sony said it was aware of the situation and had fired Cacioppo

A PlayStation executive has been fired after he was filmed inviting what he thought was a 15-year-old boy into his house by an amateur ‘predator’ sting group.

George Cacioppo allegedly sent explicit photos and his GPS location to a member of the YouTube account ‘People v. Preds’ via the gay hookup app Grindr in October. The decoy claimed to have recently turned 15, according to screenshots of the exchange.

‘Too bad,’ Cacioppo, 64, replied, before asking the fake teen about his sexual experiences and preferences, ‘You want to suck or get sucked?’

On Friday, the executive was filmed waiting for the child outside his San Diego-area home with a ‘PS5’ T-shirt on after they agreed to meet in person. The videographer confronts him and Cacioppo shuts the door.

Cacioppo has been a senior vice president of engineering at the video game company, owned by Sony, for eight years. ‘We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment,’ Sony told CNET on Sunday. 

PlayStation executive George Cacioppo was caught inviting a 15-year-old into his house by the YouTube sting account ‘People v. Preds’

George Cacioppo on Grindr

George Cacioppo on Grindr

The PlayStation executive chatted with the fake teen and asked about his sexual experiences

The 64-year-old has worked for PlayStation for eight years. Sony said Sunday he'd been fired

The 64-year-old has worked for PlayStation for eight years. Sony said Sunday he’d been fired

Cacioppo said he lives in Carmel Valley, according to the Grindr Messages. The San Diego Police Department, which oversees the area, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from DailyMail.com.

Cacioppo had Grindr profiles under the names ‘Giving Head’ and ‘Hosting BJ 4U,’ according to screenshots shared on a Google Drive by the People v. Preds account.

He appeared to have messaged the decoy first on October 10, though it remains unclear what the decoy’s profile looked like.

‘You like getting sucked? Got photos?’ Cacioppo asked. 

He goes on to send a picture of himself. When the decoy tells him he’s 14, he appears to ignore the warning.

‘Photos?’ he asked again. ‘Mmmm very nice,’ he says after receiving one.

The gaming executive then asks the teen about his sexual experiences, including whether he’s ever performed oral sex, and shares his location: the Carmel Valley residential community in San Diego.

‘Love to unzip your pants,’ he tells the decoy.

The conversation picks up on Friday, according to People v. Preds. The actual dates of the conversations could not be independently verified.


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