NYC dad is arrested ‘after he snatched dying son’s gun from his hand and began shooting at police’

Father, 45, is arrested after ‘he snatched gun from dying son’s hand and opened fired on cops during Sunday morning shootout

  • Raphael Rosado, 45, has been arrested and charges are pending
  • He picked up his son Michael’s gun after officers fatally shot the 24-year-old
  • The father and son were engaged in a gunfight with people across the street
  • Off-duty officers had stopped to end the fight when the son shot at them, provoking a back and forth that ended with the son fatally shot in the torso 
  • The incident happened in the Bronx, a block away from NYPD’s 46th precinct 
  • The father allegedly has about 60 priors on his record 

A Bronx man was arrested for allegedly shooting at officers with a gun he took from his son shortly after he was killed in a standoff with police Sunday morning.

Charges are still pending for the father, 45-year-old Raphael Rosado, who was arrested shortly after the incident. 

He and his son Michael, 24, were arguing with a group of people at 4.15am in front of 2080 Valentine Avenue, a block from the New York Police Department’s 46th precinct, police say.

Michael ‘brandished a firearm and fired several times’ at the other group, Chief of Patrol Junita Holmes said in a press conference Sunday morning. 

‘It was more than ten shots I heard,’ an anonymous resident told the New York Daily News. ‘When I came to the window they still was banging, “Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop,” it stopped then, “Bop, bop, bop.'”

The incident happened in front of 2080 Valentine Avenue in the Bronx at 4.15am Sunday

Chief of Patrol Junita Holmes, center, said the 24-year-old son later died from his injuries

Chief of Patrol Junita Holmes, center, said the 24-year-old son later died from his injuries

Two plainclothes officers who had finished their shift at the nearby precinct and were on their way home saw the commotion and rushed into action.

They identified themselves and told Michael to drop his weapon, according to the Daily News, but he fired at them too. 

He was then shot in the torso and would later die from his injuries at St. Barnabas Hospital after officers administered aid on the scene, police say.

As his son lay dying on the street, Raphael picked up the gun and began firing at the officers, police say.

Neither the officers nor Raphael appear to have been hurt. 

The party they were originally arguing with fled the scene. 

Surveillance video shows Raphael walking around the block and gliding between cars before returning to the scene. He passed the gun to a nearby woman and tried to get away, but he was ultimately arrested.

Video from the scene shows a maroon Honda Odyssey that appeared to have been hit by gunfire, with three shell casings next to the vehicle, according to the New York Post.

Raphael has around 60 prior arrests on his record ranging on charges including drug possession, assault, and weapon possession, a source told the Daily News. The son, on the other hand, had only been arrested a handful of times for minor offenses like aggravated driving without a license. 

‘That makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m really surprised, it’s like it’s not safe,’ 37-year-old Joe Dumessi, 37, who moved to the neighborhood about a week ago, told the newspaper. 

‘Maybe one day I get up and go buy something in the night and something can happen like that.’


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