Netflix’s New Musical A Week Away Is Super Cheesy, and I Need a Sequel ASAP

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good musical movie. Give me a cheesy, sappy, dance-filled movie over an action-packed drama or thriller any day. So, when the first trailer for Netflix’s A Week Away starring Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison dropped, I knew I would be tuning in. It looked like the perfect mix of Disney Channel classics like Camp Rock and High School Musical, and after watching the film, I can confirm that that assessment was 100 percent spot on.

The film follows a young teen who “takes a leap of faith” by attending a Christian summer camp and ends up forging some meaningful relationships along the way. While it’s certainly over-the-top and cheesy at times, it’s also incredibly heartfelt. If you’re looking for an easy binge-watch to relax to, I certainly recommend adding this one to your queue. Ahead, read all the unfiltered thoughts I had while tuning into the movie.

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