Maskless BLM protester says he is ‘dying’ from COVID outside home of disgraced Army Drill Sergeant

Jonathan Pentland (JP): Go away.

Deandre (D): Call the police.

Cassie Pentland (CP): Hey they have already been called…

D: I’m getting in fights with who?

CP: Maybe you should hang out a little longer and we will see how it goes and then we won’t have to get the report by ourselves.

JP: ‘What is it that you are doing here?’

D: Walking. 

JP & CP: Then walk!  

D: That’s what I was doing from my house. 

CP: Well you have been out here for 15 minutes. 

JP: Let’s go walk away. 

CP: Keep walking. 

D: I am walking. 

JP: Walk away right now. You need help? 

D: You got this on camera? 

JP: I am happy to help you.

D: You just hit me…

JP: I didn’t hit you. 

D: You just pushed me sir. 

JP: There is a difference between pushing you and…

CP: Pretty sure you were the aggressor buddy. 

D: How was I the aggressor when someone came running out the house? 

JP: You better walk away. You are talking to my wife right now. 

D: That is your wife? I didn’t do nothing to your wife but speak.

CP: Walk away 

JP: Check it out you can either walk away or I am going to carry your a*s out. 

D: Dude if you touch me. Do not touch me. 

JP: What are you going to do?

D: I am not arguing with you. You are up on me. 

JP: Let’s go 

D: I’m not talking to you. I didn’t do anything. 

JP: I’m about to do something to you.

D: I didn’t do anything to her and I didn’t do anything to her. 

JP: You better start walking right now. 

D: So when you come to me like that, you the one in the wrong  

JP: You’re in the wrong neighborhood motherf****r. Get out. 

D: I live here 

JP: Where? Where is your house? What’s your address?

CP: Maybe we should walk you home. 

D: You want to walk me home?

JP: You want to bet what I can do?

D: I live here.

JP: Ok but right now you are harassing the neighborhood. 

D: I’m not harassing the neighborhood I live here. 

CP: WHere?

JP: Check it out we are a tight knit community we take care of each other. 

D: How long have you lived here?

JP: A hell of a lot longer than your a*s because I have never seen you before in my life 

D: How long have you been living here?

JP: Why does that even matter to you? 

CP: Thats none of your business! 

D: How long have you been living here?

JP: You know what get the hell out of my face! 

D: You walked up to me. 

JP: Get out of my face! Check it out motherfucker, I’m not playing with you. You need to get your a*s moving or I’m going to move you. 

D: You smell drunk.

JP: You wanna bet.

D: You are drunk.

JP: I’m about to show you what I can do. Walk away. Walk away. Walk away. 

D: I’m walking but you keep following me sir. 

JP: There is only one way out of here and it is right over there. 

D: There are multiple ways out of here. 

JP: You wanna bet. Then walk away. 

D: I’ve been here before this whole subdivision was even built. 

JP: Yeah obviously you have been harassing us for a while now. 

D: Nobody knows you sir, I don’t even know your name.

JP: Well get to know me because this is who I am…

D: Who are you?

JP: It doesn’t matter.

D: What’s your name?

CP: You don’t need to know his name. Get out of here!

D: Are you an officer of the law? 

JP: I’m about to throw you out… You wanna bet. I can do a hell of a lot more than you think I can? 

CP: Sir you are acting like a child. Move on. You picked a fight with some random young lady and she is one of our neighbors.

D: I don’t even know who she is…

CP: Get out of here.

JP: Then walk! 

D: Nobody picked a fight when someone ran up on me…

CP: All I heard was you fighting and her defending herself.

D: Fighting what?

One of the black women: Hey what’s your name. You don’t want no trouble. 

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