Luke Bryan Hooks His Own Hand During Painful Fishing Accident – Watch Graphic Video

Luke Bryan shared an eye-catching video of a hook he accidentally got stuck in his hand and admitted ‘it’s in the bone.’

WARNING: Graphic video below

Luke Bryan, 44, hooked something he didn’t plan on hooking during a recent fishing trip…his own hand! The country singer took to Instagram to share a close-up video, which can be seen below,, of the hook stuck through his thumb and although it looked painful, he laughed it off while talking about it in the clip.

“Well, this is going to leave a mark. Pretty sure it’s in my bone,” he said while moving the bloody hand back and forth before chuckling to himself. He later shared more videos relating to the incident to his Instagram story. One showed him sitting down in a doctor’s office while getting the hook removed and another showed him back on a boat as he told his followers, “Got the hook out. We’re back.” with a thumb’s up.

After Luke shared the initial video of the hook in his hand, it didn’t take long for his fans to comment on the post. “Ouch!” many followers exclaimed while another wrote, “That hurt my hand just seeing this!” Another expressed concern with the comment, “I hope it heals quickly” while an additional follower joked, “Well, you can’t say you didn’t catch anything, tho…😂😂…feel better, and be careful!!”

When Luke isn’t getting attention for accidentally hooking his thumb, he’s doing so for serving as a judge on American Idol. He’s been sharing his wisdom in the position since season 16 of the popular competition series and this year has been no exception. He already shared his opinion about contestant Casey Bishop and how he thinks she could win the new season.

In addition to giving advice to the contestants, he often gets cheeky with his fellow judges, including Blake Shelton, 44. Last year, he and the fellow country singer made headlines when he joked that the only reason people listen to his music is because he’s engaged to Gwen Stefani, 51. “Your girlfriend is the only reason people are listening to your last two singles,” he said, referring to the duets, “Nobody But You” and “Happy Anywhere.” Luckily, Blake took it all in fun and joked right back and said, “Hey, don’t hate just cause I know how to work the system!”

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