Liz amaya: How to give your bathroom the ‘luxe look’

How to give your bathroom the ‘luxe look’: Home stylist and busy mum-of-four reveals her secrets to a stunning retreat on a budget

  • Brisbane’s Liz Amaya has revealed her tips to making your bathroom luxurious
  • The mum-of-four says rolling your towels and adding candles and décor helps
  • She also revealed how to ‘stamp’ and fold toilet paper like an expensive hotel

A home stylist has revealed her secrets for creating a luxurious look and feel in your bathroom without spending a fortune. 

Queensland mum-of-four, Liz Amaya, shared her tips to styling a luxe bathroom on Instagram and the video has been shared by thousands. 

Liz said luxe styling begins with the beauty products on display and said it is important to invest in quality over quantity.

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A home stylist has revealed exactly how to create a luxurious look and feel in your own bathroom

Once that has been done you can roll and display your towels for a high-class feel.

She said you can also fold and stamp your toilet roll, using the mouth of the tap, to create an authentic hotel vibe.

Accessories such as reed diffusers, candles and flowers can help make the room feel cosy, she added.

And her fans were impressed, the video was  seen more than 30k times in just 48 hours.

‘Thankyou, great tips,’ one woman said.

‘We love this! Your bathroom is gorgeous. Loving the lux accessories,’ another woman said. 

‘Cute detail with the toilet paper,’ added a third.

Liz recommends in investing in quality beauty products

She also says rolling towels and putting them on display can help

Liz said investing in good quality products and rolling and displaying towels is an easy way to make a bathroom look more luxurious

The toilet paper 'stamp' is achieved by pressing the folded end of the toll onto the mouth of the tap

The toilet paper ‘stamp’ is achieved by pressing the folded end of the toll onto the mouth of the tap

Liz has 96k followers on the social media platform and uploads tips and tricks to help home makers create beautiful spaces at home.

Liz recently created a video showing which chores should be done every day during lockdown to help inspire productivity at home.

Liz Amaya has revealed her five 'must-do' jobs to insure she has a productive day during lockdown

The mum always makes the bed and clears her bathroom vanities

A mum has revealed the five household jobs you should complete every morning during lockdown in order to have a productive day

According to the busy mum-of-four the first thing you should do every morning is make the bed.

She believes this helps you start the day right.

‘You will feel a sense of pride at the end of the day,’ she said. 

Liz says it is important to wipe down the bathroom vanities and clear and wipe the kitchen sink.

Next the mum recommends vacuuming the ‘high traffic areas’ in the home. 

This keeps the home looking fresh.

And finally, Liz always puts a load of washing on first thing to help her keep on top of the laundry. 

Her video quickly went viral and was seen more than 28k times in the first 24 hours with hundreds of fans leaving comments. 


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