Lincoln Project co-founder ‘resigns’ from super PAC amid revelations of scandal

Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt ‘resigns’ from the anti-Trump super PAC amid allegations that co-founder John Weaver sexually harassed young men

  • Schmidt’s resignation on Friday, revealed by Axios, comes as the group faces accusations it mishandled sexual assault allegations
  • The resignation comes after former employees slammed Schmidt in an open letter 

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt has reportedly resigned from its board amid scandal facing the anti-Trump super PAC.

Schmidt’s resignation on Friday, revealed by Axios, comes after former employees singled him out in an open letter accusing the Lincoln Project of mishandling sexual harassment allegations leveled against co-founder John Weaver.

The former employees claim that Schmidt and others within the Lincoln Project knew last summer that Weaver allegedly tried to solicit sex from young men by offering them professional advancement. 

The resignation comes as Fox News also reported he had bought a million-dollar home in Utah as the Lincoln Project raked in huge profits.


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