Lil Nas X Just Dropped His New Music Video, And He Literally Flirts With The Devil

Get in, loser, we’re following Lil Nas X to hell.

Good morning! It’s not every Friday that we find ourselves breaking down biblical symbolism and Greek mythology in a Lil Nas X music video.

Lil Nas X dropped his latest music video for “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” last night, and whew, lord, is there a lot to unpack.

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Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

He is known for consistently putting 110% into his artistically dynamic music videos, but “Montero” is out of this world (literally).

@4tiy4h / Via Twitter: @4tiy4h

“In life, we hide the parts of ourselves we don’t want the world to see,” says Lil Nas’ voiceover in the opening shot. “We lock them away, we tell them, ‘No,’ we banish them. But here, we don’t. Welcome to Montero.”

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

Right off the bat, Lil Nas is letting fans know that he’s done hiding. He’s done letting others shame him for his sexuality and identity, and he’s ready to embrace his true form — in a world reimagined: Montero.

“Montero,” aka a reimagined Garden of Eden, is also Lil Nas X’s real name. In his world, he is free to live unapologetically as himself.

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

But as he is shown wistfully strumming his guitar and singing the lines, “You livin’ the life, but … you ain’t livin’ right,” he implies that the boy he loves is closeted.

Lil Nas then gets seduced by the snake-human thing and is taken to a coliseum to be executed — the first of many nods to Greek and Roman mythology.

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

This garden looks much more exciting, though.

But not before we first catch a glimpse of the writing on the Tree of Life that Lil Nas was previously leaning against.

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

The writing on the tree was pulled from Plato’s Symposium, which, for those who don’t know (me), is a philosophical text about some men gathering at a banquet in honor of the god of love and desire. Hot.

I definitely can’t read Greek, but based on Lil Nas’ retweet of a fan’s comment about the ancient text, I think that was indeed his intention.

Lil Nas X out here just dropping some Plato in his new video like oops did I leave that there https://t.co/684Libartt

Twitter: @hashtagoras

JUST as he is about to ascend to heaven, the biggest stripper pole I’ve ever seen shoots up in front of him and drags him straight to hell.

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

Well, “drags” is a strong word. It’s more like he graciously accepts his fate.

And then, from here, he’s just chillin’. He’s rockin’ his knee-high boots, he’s feeling the pole.

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

God, give me the confidence of Lil Nas X when he literally struts into hell.

*Enter the devil*, who is sitting atop his throne surrounded by more Greek words that translate as, “They condemn what they do not understand.”

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

Not hard to read between the lines here. At this point, I think we know what Lil Nas X is trying to say about the homophobic slurs and prejudice he’s experienced as a gay Black man in the music industry (and life).

But the cherry on top of the cake in this whole music video is when Lil Nas literally “dances with the devil” in the form of a sexy little lap dance.

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

I think there’s a lot that he could be saying here: Not only is he fully trolling those who have undoubtedly told him he’s “going to hell” for his sexuality, but it could also be a nod to his confession earlier this year that he was at one point suicidal — i.e., dancing with death.

We know that Lil Nas is a fan of using humor to cope, so this lap dance could be a way of humorously reclaiming his narrative and owning his truth. And the verdict is out — the fans agree.

Twitter: @jxeker


Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

He seduces the devil and then snaps his neck like a twig before claiming his rightful place on the throne.

This honestly might be one of his greatest videos to date. The thought he put into it and the creative freedoms he took rewriting some of the most famous texts in history…I stan.

Twitter: @shotsofAlika

One last thought: Lil Nas X being the only character featured in the video EXCEPT the devil is powerful in itself.

Lil Nas X / Columbia Records / Via youtube.com

To me, it suggests he is making a point that while others were holding him back, he was ultimately the one who refused to embrace his true identity.

Can’t wait for this, tbh.

I’m so excited to watch Christian conservatives try to dunk on Lil Nas X on Twitter…. like baby you’re not ready to face our nation’s most powerful Barb.

@OrangePaulp / Via Twitter: @OrangePaulp

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