Kate Hudson Uses Face-Altering Filter To Plump Her Lips Like Kylie Jenner — Watch

Unbeknownst to Kate Hudson, a friend applied the lip and cheek fillers filter on the ‘Bride Wars’ star. It’s the same filter that celebrities like Sophie Turner have been using.

Kate Hudson, 41, underwent a digital cosmetic procedure thanks to a viral Instagram filter. On April 9, the Fool’s Gold star posted a video of herself using the filter that gives you plump cheek and Kylie Jenner-esque lip fillers (of course, they weren’t actually real). “Just let me live guys! Let me LIVE!,” Kate jokingly captioned the video, and added a cheeky hashtag: “#nofilter.”

It didn’t look like Kate knew what was going on, however, in the brief clip. “Hey, so…I’m just trying to figure out what you’re doing,” the actress said while sitting at a restaurant table. Andy Cohen was one of the fans who weighed in with his thoughts about Kate’s face makeover, writing, “I’ve seen this movie and I hate how it ends.”

Kylie Jenner is famous for her lip fillers. [Instagram/@kyliejenner]

The filter, which is called “Pillow Face” and created by @jhonyaugust, has been tried on by countless celebrities. Famous participants in the “Pillow Face” trend have also included Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson and singer Brooklyn Decker.

Sophie Turner is pictured here using the same filter that Kate Hudson tried on. 

Off of Instagram, Kate takes a pretty natural approach to beauty by focusing on what she’s consuming. The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days  starts her day with celery juice and then has a “typical breakfast” of either soft-boiled eggs with sourdough bread and avocados drizzled with olive oil, or an oatmeal with yummy toppings like almond butter and bananas, which she told Harper’s Bazaar in the video below.

She enjoys a salad or protein-based smoothie for lunch, and for dinner, some of Kate’s “favorite meals” to cook are nutmeg chicken and sweet corn pasta, she revealed to the magazine in Sept. 2020. Kate also said she tries to always get in at least half an hour of working out every day.

A healthy diet and daily exercise pay off. Kate has toned abs, which the mother of three showed off while rocking this tie-dye print bikini for her Instagram followers on April 6.

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