If You Thought Your Vacation Was Bad, Wait Until You See Christina Milian’s in Resort to Love

You’d think that getting a job as a singer on a tropical island would be a dream come true, right? Well in Netflix’s Resort to Love, it soon becomes clear that everything isn’t perfect in paradise. A year after Erica’s (Christina Milian) fiancé Jason (Jay Pharoah) calls of their wedding, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime. Just as she starts to feel sparks with Caleb (Sinqua Wells), she finds out that not only is Caleb Jason’s brother, but her boss wants her to sing at his wedding.

Produced by Alicia Keys, the film seems to have everything you could want from a sexy romantic comedy, including furtive glances and a lush tropical setting. Starring Milian, Pharoah, Wells, Tymberlee Hills, and Christiani Pitt, we can’t wait to see the hijinks the group gets into. However, the trailer does bring up one big question . . . if Erica and Jason were together for four and a half years, then why doesn’t she recognize his brother? We’re sure Resort to Love will answer that and more when it premieres on Netflix on July 29.

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