Human Rights Campaign FIRES president Alphonso David for advising Andrew Cuomo on sex claims

BREAKING NEWS: America’s largest LGBT advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign FIRES its president Alphonso David for advising ex-NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on how to handle sex pest claims

  • Alphonso David was fired by a Human Rights Commission board vote Monday
  • They said David’s termination was ‘effective immediately’ and that he was fired ‘for violations of his contract’
  • He came under fire for helping Cuomo deal with blowback from sexual harassment claims 
  • David served as counsel to Cuomo before being appointed as the HRC’s first black president in 2019  

America’s largest LGBT advocacy group has dramatically fired its president for helping ex-NY Governor Andrew Cuomo with sex pest claims.

The Human Rights Commission announced it had terminated Alphonso David ‘for cause’ after a vote by the group’s board on Monday night.

Board co-chairs Morgan Cox and Jodie Patterson said David’s departure was effective immediately, and that he’d been ousted ‘for violations of his contract with the human rights campaign.’

David came under fire after New York Attorney General Letitia James named him in her August 6 her report on Cuomo allegedly sexually harassing 11 women.

She claimed David – a trained lawyer – had offered advice on how to handle the blowback, with Cuomo resigning from office in the wake of the scandal. 

David, who was the HRC’s first black president, issued a furious rebuttal hours before his firing, claiming he was the victim and that he was being bullied out.

He was Counsel to the Governor in September 2018 when Lindsey Boylan – one of 11 women whose claims of sexual harassment have been substantiated this week by the AG – was also working in the state.  

Boylan’s complaint saw David tasked with putting together a personnel file on Boylan after several assistants complained to HR that she was a bully. 

He had a meeting with her, during which he ‘counseled’ her and she then resigned voluntarily.  

Alphonso David is pictured with former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in February 2020  

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