How the Dear Evan Hansen Movie Soundtrack Stacks Up Against the Original

Dear Evan Hansen is the latest musical to get the movie treatment. As a fan of the original Broadway show, I’m curious to see how the story will be adapted for the screen, but I’m even more curious how the soundtrack will be different with its new set of stars. After all, the original is so iconic it earned a Tony for best original score as well as a Grammy for best musical theater album (and it played on repeat on my phone for about three months straight when it was first released in 2017).

We’ve already gotten a taste of some of the show’s biggest songs, including “Waving Through a Window” and “You Will Be Found,” and for the most part, they’re actually not that different. If anything, the movie versions are slightly less theatrical, but with Ben Platt reprising his role as Evan Hansen, they have a similar sound. However, there will be a few big changes. “Anybody Have a Map?,” “Disappear,” “To Break in a Glove,” and “Good For You” from the original have all been cut from the film, while new songs “The Anonymous Ones” by Amandla Stenberg and “A Little Closer” by Colton Ryan have been added. Additionally, the official soundtrack will feature several artists doing covers of the songs. Keep scrolling to hear all the songs that have been released so far, and be sure to tune into the movie when it releases on Sept. 24.

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