How Daniel Dae Kim Is Working to Give James Hong the Respect He Deserves

Whenever I hear the phrase “legends supporting legends,” I can’t help but think of Daniel Dae Kim and his love for fellow actor James Hong. During his May 6 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 52-year-old Stowaway actor shared that he was working to get James a star on the Walk of Fame. “He was a guy that had always just kind of flown under the radar. He’s done over 700 TV and film projects, and if you talk to him, it’s actually more than that because IMDb doesn’t keep track of some of the other things he did,” he told the host. “He’s been around for 70 years, and he’s never really been celebrated.”

As of August 2020, Daniel had raised over $55,000 for the star. More recently, Daniel has been busy working with others to stop the rise in anti-Asian hate with the creation of The Asian American Foundation. “It is the first organization of its kind that is set out to educate and bring other community organizations together and make a concerted effort to stop the violence and hate against Asian Americans,” Daniel shared. You can hear more about Daniel’s relationship with James and the foundation in the full video above.

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