HBO Max’s “DMX: Don’t Try to Understand” Trailer Gives Fans a Raw Glimpse Into the Late Rapper’s Life

An upcoming documentary is giving a raw glimpse into DMX‘s life. Following a one-year sentence for felony tax evasion, the late rapper, who died in April 2021, allowed HBO Max cameras to follow him around for a year in 2019 for a documentary titled, DMX: Don’t Try to Understand. In the trailer for the documentary, which premieres Nov. 25, DMX is seen diving full-heartedly into religion, attempting to make amends with some of his family members, warning the youth in Yonkers about the dangers of street life, and trying to revive his career with another tour.

“I wasn’t eating three meals a day. I didn’t have clothes freely given to me. But I came here to give a message: the gospel upon the X,” the rapper said in the trailer. “My goal is to be an inspiration to someone that I don’t know.” The documentary also shows the dark days of his life via personal struggles. Watch the trailer above!

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