Grimes goes on TikTok rant claiming that artificial intelligence is the key to communist future

Grimes caused a stir on TikTok by posting a bizarre video raving about artificial intelligence which she says is the ‘fastest path to communism’.  

The experimental pop singer, born Claire Boucher, 33, posted her bubbly, enthusiastic rant on Wednesday and left viewers baffled as she described how A.I. could lead to a world where nobody has to work and everyone lives comfortably. 

To top off the confusion, her background photo is set to a scene from the Japanese manga ‘Berserk.’

‘A.I. could automate all the farming, weed out systematic corruption, thereby bringing us as close as possible to genuine equality,’ she says. 

‘So basically, everything that everybody loves about communism, but without the collective farm. Because let’s be real, enforced farming is not a vibe.’ 

The video has amassed over 1.7 million views, 100,000 likes and tens of thousands of perplexed comments. 

Experimental pop singer Grimes claims that ‘A.I. Is the fastest path to communism’ in viral TikTok video. 

‘Why is GRIMES of all people talking about communism on tik tok in front of a beserk manga pane,’ one Twitter user wrote in a post sharing the video.

‘Every month or so, grimes will start trending for some no doubt insane shit and it is my mission to never learn why,’ wrote another user. 

In an appalled reaction to the Grimes video, the AV Club published an article titled ‘Grimes reveals that she doesn’t know what communism is in AI-praising TikTok,’ in which it states, ‘thinly veiled corporate control over all means of production is not communism.’ 

The goal of communism, the article continues, is not to create a system in which nobody has to work, as Grimes stated, but rather that everybody is equally compensated for their work.   

The topic of A.I.’s influence on political systems has been previously discussed by experts in the field, most of whom believe artificial intelligence will only lead to a tech-based dictatorship. 

The Washington Post published an in-depth opinion piece in May 2018 in which Feng Xiang, a professor of law at China’s Tsinghua University, wrote, ‘If AI remains under the control of market forces, it will inexorably result in a super-rich oligopoly of data billionaires who reap the wealth created by robots that displace human labor, leaving massive unemployment in their wake.’

To give Grimes credit, however, Xiang shifts direction to say that workers could still ‘seize the means of production,’ as Marx famously said, if such means happen to be artificial intelligence.  

The Grimes video does not come as much of a surprise, considering that she has often discussed artificial intelligence in interviews and in her work as a songwriter. In January 2020, she shared a TikTok video in which she said that artificial intelligence ‘may be the end of humanity, but I still think intelligence is more likely to propagate through the universe via AI than via us. It’s sad, but like, I’m for it I guess.’

And this isn’t the first time that Grimes’s political assertions turned heads. In a March 2020 with Rolling Stone, she voiced her support for leftist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and said that he and her boyfriend Elon Musk shared ‘very similar goals.’

‘When I look at the aims of my boyfriend and I look at the aims of Bernie, like, their end goals are very similar,’ Grimes said. ‘Fix environmental problems, reduce suffering. It’s worth dissecting the wealth gap, it’s worth dissecting the existence of billionaires, but situations have nuance.’

Grimes (right) and her boyfriend Elon Musk met at the 2018 Met Gala and wlecomed their first child, controversially named X Æ A-Xii, in May 2020.

Grimes (right) and her boyfriend Elon Musk met at the 2018 Met Gala and wlecomed their first child, controversially named X Æ A-Xii, in May 2020.

The ‘nuance’ Grimes speaks of is that Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is one of the richest men in the world and worth around $40 billion. While Sanders believes billionaires should not exist and is proposing a wealth tax on anyone with a net worth of at least $32 million.

Grimes, who has frequently described herself as a left-leaning feminist, has repeatedly been known to defend Elon Musk’s actions and billionaire status. 

She was once questioned by a fan about why she was dating Musk when he donates seven times as much to Republicans and he does Democrats, as described in a July 2018 Vice article.

Her response: ‘every aerospace company has to donate to republicans in order to function . . . it’s the price of doing business in America.’

What’s even more bizarre about the Grimes TikTok video is that Musk himself has spoken out against artificial intelligence on multiple occasions and said he believes it poses a threat to humanity. 

Most recently, he voiced concerns last July about Google’s DeepMind project, the research lab most known for developing AI systems that could play video games better than any human. Musk said that his fear is AI will become so smart that AI overlords could overthrow the human race.

In an interview on the matter with The New York Times, Musk said that his experience working with AI at Tesla granted him the insight to assert with confidence ‘that we’re headed toward a situation where AI is vastly smarter than humans’ and within at least five years, it could lead toward societal instability. 

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