Footage shows man repeatedly attacked by a magpie during morning walk

Moment man is repeatedly swooped by a VERY aggressive magpie during his morning walk

  • A man out for some exercise in a Sydney park has been terrorised by a magpie 
  • The territorial bird swooped the man in Mount Annan on Tuesday  
  • The following day a report appeared on Magpie Alerts about a similar encounter 
  • Video shows the bird attacking the man when he goes back to retrieve an item 

Security footage has captured the moment a man out for some fresh air was repeatedly swooped by an aggressive magpie in a park. 

The man was hiking through Thornleigh Gully at Mount Annan in Sydney’s outer south west about 1pm on Tuesday when the bird launched the series of aerial attacks. 

Video of the incident shows the man running across a patch of grass as the magpie repeatedly swoops him – before he circles back to retrieve a dropped item only to be bombarded by the bird again. 

The man dressed in exercise gear was out walking in Mount Annan, Sydney when he was swooped by the magpie (pictured) 

The exasperated hiker then throws his hands in the air and appears to yell a few choice words at the beaked bully before walking away. 

The next day a tale of a magpie encounter was posted to the Magpie Alert website for the same park in Mount Annan. 

‘I was quietly walking by myself in the middle of the day along a path I use multiple times a day when I was swooped,’ a man named Brian wrote.

‘I dropped to the ground, cutting open my knee.’

‘Having waited for a bit I got to my feet to walk away and the magpie swooped again. To get away without further attacks I got a lift home by my partner.’  

Whether Brian is the same man as in the video is not clear but the description of the encounter appears to match. 

The man circles back to the park

But the bird swoops again

The returns back to the grassy area to retrieve a dropped item but is again attacked by the native Australian bird (pictured) 

The bird in question (pictured) repeatedly swooped the walker in Thornleigh Gully in Mount Annan on Tuesday

The bird in question (pictured) repeatedly swooped the walker in Thornleigh Gully in Mount Annan on Tuesday 

The suburb is home to the Australian Botanic Gardens with many acres of parklands and there have been multiple reports of swooping magpies in the area this season. 

Australia-wide there have been more than 4,500 magpie attacks reported on the site in 2021.

Magpie swooping season lasts from Spring to Summer with the native Australian birds protecting the territory in which they nest. 

In Lane Cove in inner Sydney, a pair of vicious magpies who have been terrorising residents on a quiet suburban street for almost two years are now the targets of a ‘licence-to-harm’. 

Dozens of locals on leafy Johnston Crescent were left with cuts and bruises after attacks by the birds. 

The magpies had even drawn blood after pecking furiously at the ears of passersby, and have also been known to attack young children. 

Residents say the birds make contact rather than performing a warning swoop nearby, leading some residents to arm themselves with an umbrella shield whenever they leave the house. 

Prue Sheehan from Lane Cove

Ms Sheehan was swooped by the rogue bird

In a different magpie encounter Lane Cove resident Prue Sheehan was swooped in the back of the head by a rogue bird which left her bleeding (pictured) 

The council said hiring someone to cull the birds was the only option they had left because of the danger they posed and revealed in September one of the birds had been killed. 

 Emma Hurst, a politician from the Animal Justice Party, earlier said she would raise the cull in state parliament and seek ‘the House’ to condemn the cull calling it a ‘knee-jerk reaction’.

The CCTV company which captured the magpie encounter at Mount Annan has offered the man $100 for his ordeal. 


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