Everything There Is to Know About the Highly Anticipated Zola Film

Zola is finally making its way to theaters! After it debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last year, the Taylour Paige-led film, which is based on a now-infamous 2015 Twitter thread, will be premiering this summer. We got our first glimpse at the highly anticipated trailer earlier this week, and we can confirm that it is every bit as wild as it sounds.

The A24 film is written and directed by Janicza Bravo. Back in 2018, Bravo spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the casting process for the titular role of Zola, explaining how she instantly knew Paige would be perfect for the role. “I’m at a coffee shop in LA and in walks this girl. I’m entranced and can’t stop staring. It’s the way she sits in her body. It’s agency. It’s self-possession . . . everything that drew me to telling this story,” she said. “One year later, she auditions, and I knew instantly — like, I knew it then: After seeing 700 girls, the one meant to be finally walked in.”

Keep reading for everything we know about Zola so far.

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