Discover Your Song Rainbow With Katy Perry’s Music in Color Spotify Generator

Right up there with zodiac charts and Myers–Briggs tests, TikTok’s color personality test is highly responsible for the late nights I’ve spent scrolling through my phone at 2 a.m. Here to steal even more sleep from under my eyelids and feed my desire to take all the color quizzes is Behr’s Music in Color generator. Made in partnership with Katy Perry, the generator allows Spotify users to search any song and watch as the music tool assigns a specific color according to the tone, key, and acoustics.

By adding a visual element to playlists and songs, the generator is meant to unlock inspiration in its users and help listeners build a connection with music beyond the typical audio experience. Think: punchy reds and vibrant purples for upbeat dance songs like BTS’s “Butter” remix featuring Megan Thee Stallion and forest greens and cool blues for more mellow tunes like Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.”

Partial to pastels, Perry’s favorite colors include robin’s egg blue and cotton candy pink, delicate colors that she’s keeping in mind as she remodels her home, but her 24-color Behr paint palette isn’t as subtle, displaying colors like Joyful Orange, Diva Glam, and Sea of Tranquility. “I don’t have [synesthesia], but I understand what it is like to hear something and then also kind of visualize a feeling or a color,” Perry told POPSUGAR. “When I write a song, seven out of 10 times I will see a music video just kind of from front to back. There’s so much color that goes on with these songs, whether it’s creating a costume for it and having it represent that vibe or whatever.”

Try the Music in Color generator on your favorite song here, and read on to find out exactly which colors fit into Perry’s music rainbow and learn more about her Las Vegas residency.

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