Capitol rioter ‘set up secret “cloak and dagger” militia group under guise of BIBLE STUDY classes ‘ 

Capitol rioter allegedly set up a militia group under the guise of a ‘Bible study’ that discussed freeing fellow January 6 suspects from jail and preparing for a second civil war. 

Fi Duong, 27, aka ‘Monkey King’ or ‘Jim,’ was seen in videos of the January 6 insurrection wearing a white mask with a wide grin. 

He’s believed to be the one who yelled: ‘We’re coming for you, Nancy,’ according to court documents unsealed this week. 

Unbeknownst to him, he met an undercover cop when he stormed the Capitol who later introduced Duong to an undercover FBI agent. 

They gathered intel on Duong’s plans, ‘Bible study’ group and weapons cache before he was arrested, according to his indictment, which was unsealed this week. 

He told the undercover FBI agent that they ‘can’t be out in the open’ and he’s part of a militia group that’s a ‘little bit more cloak and dagger’ that is ‘building resistances … for what will inevitably come,’ the indictment says. 

The militia recruited ‘like-mind’ guys local to the Alexandria, Virginia area to ‘build a more robust network … for what will inevitably come as a worst case scenario,’ according to court documents.

The undercover FBI agent embedded himself in Duong’s ‘Bible study,’ where they discussed two verses of the Bible before combat and firearms training and making plans for the future, according to court documents. 

Those plans included freeing other January 6 suspects from jail, preparing for a second civil war and seceding from the US, according to court documents. 

Fi Duong, 27, was among the people facing charges related to the January 6 Capitol riot

He was seen wearing a white 'Japanese-style mask' with a wide grin

He was seen wearing a white ‘Japanese-style mask’ with a wide grin

During a March 31 ‘Bible study,’ the undercover FBI agent said people that stormed the Capitol were being locked up, to which Duong replied: ‘I see that as an opportunity.’

‘With every great revolution, you go to the prisons and you break them out.’

Duong went to the jail in Lorton, Virginia with the undercover agent and talked about testing explosives, according to court documents.  

He was not charged with any violent crimes but ‘repeatedly expressed his willingness to engage in conflict, including violence, against groups that shared different views than his own,’ the indictment says. 

Following the Derek Chauvin verdict, Duong told the group to ‘make sure your rifles are zeroed,’ court documents say. 

In response to a conversation about increased gun laws in the US, Duong said: ‘They will not be unscathed from the political fallout. The consequences will be tremendous, potentially the spark to kick off the next hot civil conflict.’

‘Regardless of what they do. Nothing for us changes. Keep your guns and be ready to use them,’ he said, according to court documents. 

There were several weapons, including an AK-47, and the material to make 50 molotov cocktails found in his Alexandria, Virginia home during his arrested, according to court documents. 

Most of the ‘the Bible studies’ were held in his home, and the weapons were in plain view. When the undercover agent asked what the molotov cocktails were for, Duong said he’s looking at the big picture. 

‘What if we devolve into something like the Spanish civil war where you have pockets of resistance,’ said Duong, who discussed what the different factions of a second American civil war would look like, according to court documents. 

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they push barricades to storm the US Capitol in Washington D.C on January 6

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they push barricades to storm the US Capitol in Washington D.C on January 6

As the group breached the doors, Duong is allegedly the one who yelled, 'We're coming for you, Nancy'

As the group breached the doors, Duong is allegedly the one who yelled, ‘We’re coming for you, Nancy’

‘Everything that we’ve built and set up here is for our own mutual defense. Defense of each other’s lives and property,’ Duong said. ‘They’re not likely to want to get themselves lit on fire. And it’s a good effective means of deterrence in that sense where it’s also ammo efficient.’   

‘The Bible study’ also discussed a Virginia secession movement called ‘the State of Appalachia,’ which Duong wanted to be set up as autonomous zone, court documents say. 

Duong was released to home confinement on July 2 after facing multiple charges, including disorderly conduct and obstruction of an official proceeding tied to the riot.   

To date, about 550 people have been charged in the Capitol insurrection, but the FBI said in a tweet on Tuesday that ‘Some of the most violent offenders have yet to be identified.’ 

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