Bridezilla buys her engaged friend’s ‘dream’ wedding gown for herself

A bride-to-be has been branded ‘mean girl’ and a ‘terrible friend’ after buying her engaged friend’s ‘dream’ wedding gown for herself because she tried it on first. 

Reddit user u/notyourmother93 shared her story in the ‘Am I the A**hole‘ subreddit, explaining that she got engaged in October and has started wedding planning — including dress shopping. 

The 27-year-old noted that her friend hasn’t made any wedding plans of her own despite being engaged since December 2020.   

‘She recently saw a wedding dress from a designer we both like and showed it to me and claimed it to be hers despite 1) never seeing the dress in person, 2) never trying it on, 3) or purchasing it,’ the bride wrote. 

Reddit user u/notyourmother93 revealed she bought her engaged friend’s ‘dream’ wedding dress because ‘felt like a princess’ in it (stock image used)

Critics dubbed the bride-to-be a 'terrible friend' and a 'mean girl' for buying the dress her pal had her eye on

Critics dubbed the bride-to-be a ‘terrible friend’ and a ‘mean girl’ for buying the dress her pal had her eye on 

‘I never even thought to argue with her that she can’t claim a dress she has never seen because I didn’t think it would work for my body.’ 

She said she and her mother were looking for gowns at that particular designer’s bridal showroom over the weekend when she tried on the dress her friend had picked out ‘on a whim.’ 

‘None of the other dresses I tried on were super flattering on my body,’ she explained. ‘As soon as I put that dress on, I knew it was the one. I looked and felt like a princess and was so confident that this was the dress for me.’

She admitted to having ‘an overwhelming feeling of guilt’ when she decided to purchase the dress, but her mother and the bridal consultant shrugged off her concerns.   

‘They both reassured me that she had unfairly put me in this situation and I should wear the dress for my wedding if I felt good in it,’ she claimed. 

However, her friend was incredibly upset when she confessed to purchasing the gown a few days later.   

Some people pointed out that her friend trusted her enough to show her the dress, and then she went and bought it behind her back

 Some people pointed out that her friend trusted her enough to show her the dress, and then she went and bought it behind her back

‘She told me that I had ruined her wedding vision and that if she had known I would entertain trying on her “dream” dress, she would have started planning months ago,’ the Reddit user recalled.

‘I was honest with her and said that this dress was one of the few dresses that worked for my body type and it made me feel a beautiful bride.’

Her friend argued that it was disrespectful of her to have even tried it on because she had already claimed it.     

‘A part of me finds it to be so ridiculous to call dibs on a dress they have never seen or tried on,’ she admitted. ‘I am almost more annoyed than guilty at this point because she can’t be happy that I found a dress that makes me feel confident.’

The bride-to-be said she tried to assuage her friend by telling her she could buy the same dress in a ‘different shade of ivory.’    

‘I wouldn’t care if she chose the same dress if it would allow us to move on,’ she insisted. ‘I feel like she has unrealistic expectations about this entire wedding dress situation.’

At the end of the post, which has since been deleted, she asked if she was in the wrong for buying the dress, but commenters were divided on who was being the bridezilla in this situation. 

However, others argued her friend had no right to claim a dress she had never seen in person for herself

However, others argued her friend had no right to claim a dress she had never seen in person for herself 

‘The bridezilla move is getting the same dress as your friend when there are like hundreds if not thousands of options out there,’ one person argued. ‘Her friend isn’t a bridezilla for sharing her dream dress and being upset her friend bought it for herself.’ 

‘She’s the one with the terrible attitude and there’s no way she didn’t choose this dress on purpose,’ someone else commented.’ 

‘The OP in the original post wreaked of mean girl,’ another agreed. ‘She just wanted people to validate her shadiness.’ 

But others argued that her friend had no right to claim a dress she had never seen in person.   

‘It is not AH-ish to pick a dress that someone else liked in a picture,’ one Reddit user claimed. ‘As anyone who has ever watched “Say Yes to the Dress” knows, she might not have even liked it in person once it was on her body.

‘And even if she did, that doesn’t mean that she had the right to “call” it. Dresses are like baby names: just because you like it doesn’t mean you get to prevent other people from using it. It’s totally fine for people to like and use the same ones.’ 

‘I can’t believe the number of people who are dismissing her feelings saying, “There are hundreds of dresses out there.” Yes, there are, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for everyone,’ another noted. 

Others felt the bride went about buying the dress the wrong way and should have consulted her friend first.  

‘If it were me, I would have picked up the phone and shown her how I looked in the dress and asked what she thought,’ one person advised. ‘If she still wasn’t into it, I would not have bought the dress. Dresses are just things.’

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