Biden gives rare live TV interview to Cincinnati station celebrating passage of infrastructure bill

Joe Biden gives rare live TV interview to local Cincinnati station promoting how passage of $1.2T infrastructure package will benefit Kentucky and Ohio

  • President Biden participated in a rare live TV interview on Monday evening
  • The seven-minute interview was with Cincinnati station Local 12 
  •  Biden has notoriously given a historically low number of interviews since taking office – and the vast majority have been pre-recorded 
  • He was promoting the passage of his $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal and how it will benefit roads and bridges in Kentucky and Ohio 

President Joe Biden participated in a rare live television interview on Monday evening to Cincinnati station Local 12.

During the seven-minute, Biden talked about the passage of his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal.

The interviewer, Kyle Inskeep, also prompted Biden on supply chain issues and his plunging approval ratings, which the president blamed on problems that he claimed all stemmed from COVID.

The president was admittedly late for the interview, which Biden chuckled about when Inskeep excused him as a ‘very busy man.’

‘I’m sorry to keep you waiting, I really am,’ Biden said while folding a black mask and setting it down. 

President Joe Biden gave a rare live television interview with Cincinnati station Local 12 on Monday evening

The television appearance was not announced beforehand.

Biden said that Kentucky will get ‘well over $10 billion’ to help repair and build highways and bridges now that his infrastructure bill has passed. 

As of late October, Biden had given one-fifth as many interviews as predecessor Donald Trump at this point of his presidency in 2017 and one-eight as many as Barack Obama.

Reporters have lamented of having limited access to the president as his communications team appears to keep him close, which Biden has joked about by saying at several points that he’s ‘not supposed’ to take questions during public remarks.

Most television interviews with Biden since becoming president are pre-recorded.

Late Friday, the House finally passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal, which was facilitated by negotiations senators had with the president over the summer. 

Biden lauded the passage on Saturday, falsely claiming it wouldn’t cost Americans a penny and insisting it would help fix economic issues like supply chain backlogs and spiking inflation. 

 In mid-August, Biden’s approval rating started to plummet with the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan amidst an increasingly struggling economy, for which the administration has refused to take blame. 


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