Aussie dad looks VERY disappointed as it’s revealed his partner is expecting a baby girl

When gender reveal parties go wrong: Dad fails to hide how VERY disappointed he is to learn his partner is expecting another girl

  • A gender reveal party hit a hiccup after the father-to-be’s unexpected reaction 
  • Video shows man appearing visibly disappointed at the gender of his new baby
  • Couple appear to already have a daughter and he wanted a son to pair with her 

A father hoping to have a son failed to hold back his disappointment when a gender reveal party showed his girlfriend was expecting a second girl.

The moment rapidly turned from joyous to awkward when the mother burst a black balloon as a crowd of excited friends looked on

The balloon released a flurry of smaller pink balloons and streamers into the sky indicating she was expecting another girl after her first.

The father-to-be appeared to drop the F bomb in disappointment before petulantly throwing the remains of the large balloon onto the ground. 

TikTok user mattyhb92 shared the clip (pictured) on Monday which has been viewed by more than 450,000 people 

The upcoming baby appeared to be the couple’s second child, and second daughter, as the mother was holding a young girl in her arms.

Viewers of the video posted on TikTok were divided over the man’s response to missing out on a son.

‘His reaction is priceless,’ one wrote.

‘That will be cool when his kid sees this party video in a few years,’ another wrote sarcastically.

‘Be thankful you can have kids,’ added a third.

The father-to-be's reaction to the revealed gender appears to be less than impressed compared to the other party guests (pictured)

The father-to-be’s reaction to the revealed gender appears to be less than impressed compared to the other party guests (pictured) 

‘It’s alright, maybe you can share your leggings with her when she’s older,’ a fourth wrote. 

Gender reveal parties have grown in popularity in recent years, despite the inventor of the concept later admitting she regretted it.

They tend to feature a central item which is then opened or set-off to reveal a baby’s gender – by using pink or blue. 

Such items can include balloons, cakes, smoke bombs, burnouts and gifts of varying extravagance. 


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