April From “The Ultimatum” Has a New Boyfriend

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“The Ultimatum”‘s reunion episode may have revealed a baby bombshell with Madlyn and Colby, but the other shocking news viewers learned is that April Marie is in a new relationship. Halfway through the reunion, Marie shares that her new romance came after she decided to pause on dating.

“The very moment I said I’m going to put dating outside for a bit and just focus on me, he just came right on in,” she said of her new boyfriend. “To be at so much peace and in a healthy relationship. We get each other, it’s respectful, [and] we don’t argue. It just feels really good to know that if this is what it took for me to be where I am today, then so be it.”

Though Marie hasn’t revealed her boyfriend’s identity yet, she’s reportedly dating an “older” Austin real estate broker, according to Bustle. Per a report from Screenrant (and some comments from Marie on Instagram), the “Ultimatum” star is seeing a man named Cody Cooper.

In interviews with POPSUGAR, Marie reveals that she and Cooper have been dating for roughly six months (as of March 30) and they currently live together with their three dogs. She also shares that Cooper was being recruited for “The Ultimatum” the same time as her and her ex-boyfriend/costar, Jake Cunningham.

“The funny part about the casting is that I went on my current boyfriend’s Instagram and I saw a comment [from] them asking him to go on the same show,” she says over Zoom. “His ex-girlfriend and him were dating when Jake and I were dating. We broke up around the same time they broke up and he was like, ‘We were supposed to go on that show.’ I was like, ‘Honey, if you would’ve went on that show, we would’ve made babies, got married, everything.'”

“He is always checking in on me, and he always gives me this assurance that is what I needed in ‘The Ultimatum.'”

Marie’s experience on “The Ultimatum” changed her strong views around marriage (previously sharing on the show that she wanted “a ring” and “a baby” from Cunningham ASAP), but she tells us that her new boyfriend is just as eager to jump the broom as she is. “It’s weird because I’m in a relationship where he talks about marriage just as much as I do. And he’s like, ‘Well, we can’t do it now because that’ll look crazy. We’ve only been together for six months,'” she shares.

Marie admits that she and Cunningham continued to see each other “for months on and off” after “The Ultimatum” wrapped filming. But she’s in a new space now where she tells us she’s happy with her current relationship. “This is my best friend. I talk about him, brag about him all the time. We’re always texting each other,” she says. “He is always checking in on me, and he always gives me this assurance that is what I needed in ‘The Ultimatum.’ [He] checks every box.”

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