American Horror Stories Is What Nightmares Are Made of, and I’ve Never Been More Ready

We’re only a month away from the July 15 premiere of American Horror Stories on FX on Hulu, and the teaser trailer has already set our minds ablaze with theories. On June 15, the official American Horror Story Instagram account posted the teaser alongside the caption, “More horror than you can handle.” This might be a cheeky nod to how unlike the original show, whose story spans entire seasons, American Horror Stories will feature 16 hour-long stand-alone episodes. To add to the mounting suspense, FX commented that the series is “what nightmares are made of.” We might need to sleep with the lights on for this one.

Thanks to Ryan Murphy, we already know that the AHS spinoff will delve into horror myths, legends, and lore. The teaser hints at what some of these could potentially be, including the Deer Woman from Native American mythology. Imagery from previous seasons used in the teaser, like a blood moon and writhing snakes, suggests that new episodes could tie into the overarching AHS story. After all, Murphy confirmed that a few familiar faces from the original series are set to make an appearance. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until July 15 for any of our theories to be proven true. Until then, you can enjoy the teaser above.

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