7 Moments That Show Why Blake Shelton Should Be Considered King of The Voice

Besides the outstanding (and sometimes underrated) vocal talents on The Voice, one of our favorite parts of the show has to be Blake Shelton. Out of the 16 coaches the series has seen, the 44-year-old country singer is the only one to have participated in all 20 seasons, and there’s a reason for that. Shelton is the glue that holds his fellow coaches together, regardless of genre or age. He’s just as comfortable in a bromance with Nick Jonas as he is with Adam Levine. If John Legend or Kelly Clarkson wants to roast the hell out of him, he’ll dish it right back. Fans young and old can’t help but be charmed by his shenanigans and the absolutely ridiculous things that sometimes come out of his mouth. It’s hard to describe exactly why others, besides Shelton, should consider him “King of The Voice,” but the following seven moments are a good start.

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