6 Crucial Details You Might Have Missed During That Shocking Flash-Forward on This Is Us

The This Is Us season five finale was a wild turn of events, but did you really expect anything less? After teasing Kevin and Madison’s wedding over the past few episodes, the two don’t actually make it down the aisle in the final episode. During a heart-to-heart, the pair realize that while they’ll be coparents to their twins, they’re simply not meant to get married. However, a wedding does take place in the episode. In the final few moments, we get another flash-forward of Kate’s wedding, but it’s not to Toby. Since the writers are great at dropping Easter eggs, there are so many blink-and-you-miss-it moments in that final scene, you probably didn’t catch them all. No worries, we’ve broken them all down ahead. Here’s what we know about that new flash-forward.

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