40 Schitt’s Creek Halloween Costume Ideas That Are *Just* Pretentious Enough

We’re calling it now and placing our bets: Schitt’s Creek costumes are going to continue to dominate Halloween this year. Although the Pop TV sitcom’s series finale aired in April 2020 (*sobs into a glass of fruit wine*), fans are undoubtedly going to pay tribute to the Rose family and their smalltown pals on the spookiest night of the year for many, many years to come.

The outfit options are endless and all relatively easy to pull together, depending on what you’ve got in your closet (or cedar chest). If you’re feeling “positively bedeviled with meetings” like Moira Rose, toss on pretty much any combination of black-and-white clothes, a wig, and red lipstick, and you’re good to go. Trying to channel David Rose’s sarcastic wit on Halloween night? A graphic sweater and Converse will do the trick.

Keep reading to glean inspiration from the genius fans who’ve already dressed like your favorite Schitt’s Creek characters, and see which look speaks to you the most (maybe it’s one from a favorite heartwarming episode?). It’s safe to say we’re very uninterested in that opinion any costumes other than these.

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