35 Book-Character Halloween Costume Ideas For People Who Love Reading

If you’re a self-proclaimed book-lover, then dressing up as your favorite literary character is the best way to go this Halloween. There are countless characters to take on and plenty of bookish outfits that big readers will totally get a kick out of. From fantasy legends and childhood favorites to fictional bookworms and creative takes on book covers, these book-inspired costumes will make you never want to turn the page on this year’s Halloween.

Whether you want to pull off a funny couples costume influenced by your favorite book (see: the old man and the sea costume inspired by Hemingway’s book) or your love of books is as strong as Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast, these costumes will give you all the inspiration you need. Ahead, check out the best book-themed costume ideas!

Additional reporting by Alessia Santoro and Lauren Harano

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