29 TV Shows You Can Watch on Netflix With Badass Women Front and Center

Few things in life are quite as satisfying as settling down for a nice, long TV binge. Streaming has made having a TV marathon easier than ever before, and if you’re going to have a marathon, then why not choose a show with a strong woman lead at its center? Thankfully, Netflix has plenty of shows that tell the stories of complicated, diverse women who are strong in a myriad of ways. Are you looking for some traditional ass-kicking? Jessica Jones has you covered. Want to watch an optimistic superhero that gets stuff done? Then it’s time to stop putting off watching Supergirl. Are you enthralled by tough-as-nails medical heroes? Why hello there, Grey’s Anatomy.

As a genre, it took TV a little while to fully understand that shows about strong women can mean many different things, but the medium is getting so much better at producing series that allow women to be just as multifaceted as their male counterparts (in fact, they’re more so in some cases). With so many series to choose from, you’ve surely missed out on a few of TV’s best women-led shows. Thanks to the wonders of Netflix, it is never too late (or too early) to jump into a show with a strong woman lead, so pour yourself a glass of wine and start popping the popcorn, because these fictional women are ready to wow you.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Tasha Dowbachuk

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