10 Photos of Cheryl Des Vignes and Jerrold Smith II Living the Sweet Life Together

Issa Rae’s new reality series, Sweet Life: Los Angeles, is our newest obsession. The HBO Max show follows a group of friends as they navigate their careers and personal lives, and it’s a refreshing take on reality TV as it spotlights an all-Black cast. “We’re so proud to present a grounded and fun slice of young Black LA life,” Rae told Deadline. A couple featured on the series, Cheryl Des Vignes and Jerrold Smith II, are high school sweethearts. Cheryl is a fashion designer and owner of Des Vignes Clothing, while Jerrold is a marketing specialist at Westbrook. The pair have been together for almost nine years and will be celebrating their anniversary in September. In honor of the premiere of Sweet Life: Los Angeles, see some of Cheryl and Jerrold’s cutest moments together ahead.

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