What is more popular in South Africa, sports betting or online casinos?

Since 1963, gambling and gaming in South Africa has been relatively restricted, especially since the 1965 Gambling Act came into existence, a law which essentially banned all types of gambling except when involving horse racing. In more recent times, casino gaming venues started opening up, which coincided with the National Gambling Act in 1996, a law which saw licensed online casinos finally legalised in the country.

Before then, a number of illegal operations were being utilised by South African casino gamers instead. The dangers are obvious when gaming at an illegal online operation, perhaps leaving room for your personal details to be stolen or your bank account to be compromised. Thankfully, the introduction of the 1996 Gambling Act also made provisions for the regulations of betting activities, with the National Gambling Board being established. Since then, gamers are free to access the Best South African Casinos, safe in the knowledge that they’re being regulated by a government-controlled organisation. This hasn’t resulted in more casino gamers than sports bettors, though. In fact, sports betting is a more popular option in the country despite the rise of online casinos. But why is sports betting a preference for many in the country?

A nation of sports lovers

Online casino gaming has its merits, of course, but it isn’t sports related on the whole. For South Africans, the opportunity to cheer on the Springboks and the Proteas is rarely turned down as it brings the country together, especially when South Africa beat England 32−12 to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Football is popular too, with fans of the sport regularly tuning in to watch the national side, coupled with the offering abroad from the likes of the English Premier League. In truth, though, you can bet on pretty much anything these days. Common markets in South Africa include hockey, basketball, boxing, tennis, motorcycling races and the aforementioned horse racing, alongside the other more popular sports we’ve already touched on. Placing bets on anything from the scorers of goals to the winners of races is available and, much like online casino gaming, can be carried out with ease using a modern-day smartphone.

Bonuses and promotions on offer

Online casino gamers can register big wins and experience an extensive selection of games, but the bonuses and promotions on offer from reputable betting companies are just as appealing, if not more so. Many of the main sportsbooks in the country offer more lucrative and therefore attractive bonuses and promotions to its community of bettors, with welcome offers to new players and loyal members being rewarded with a range of promotions. These types of enticing offers are why sports betting is the favoured option for many people in the country.

Sports betting is easier to grasp

Another contributory factor behind why sports betting is more popular than online casino gaming has to be down to the fact that placing a sports bet is generally easier to grasp than mastering an occasionally complicated casino gaming product, many of which require skill and various strategies to come out on top. On the other hand, building up a betting slip and placing a wager is certainly much easier.

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