To Raise Or Not To Raise: What To Do If You’re A Nervous Big Blind

If you are a big blind and are playing a poker game, there are certain factors you need to consider when deciding whether or not to raise or not raise.

As a player in the poker game, you may be wondering what to do if you’re nervous about a hand you’re playing. If you are a big blind and are playing a poker game, there are certain factors you need to consider when deciding whether or not to raise or not raise.

In this article, we will discuss whether you should raise or fold when playing in a big blind position.

What is Big Blind?

They are based on players’ positions. The big blind is the player located to the two left of the button (dealer). The big blind puts more money in the middle of the table (it usually can be about double that of the small blind). Blinds have to be played at the beginning of the game.

Tips for Playing Poker Big Blind

Your overall gameplay will make a difference when you are playing the big blind.

To learn everything from the basics, you can check out the ultimate guide about poker blinds.

Below are a few tips that will help you.

Your Opponents’ Range

One thing you need to consider is your opponents’ range. When they get a tighter range, that is when you can think about raising and calling. Do not call a raise with any hand combination ‘as long as you have an ace.’ That is not a good strategy, as it can easily be dominated in tight ranges.

Stop Your Opponents’ Excessive Bluffs

Find out your chances. You can expect your opponents to bluff a lot. Therefore, call them out at least 50 percent of the time to prevent them from getting too comfortable at the table.

Do Not Fold Too Much

Folding too much can actually hurt your outcomes. The reason for this is that your opponents might start taking advantage of your folding pattern. If this happens, then you will find yourself in a very weak situation. Observe how others play, and adapt your strategy.

Do Not Feel Personally Attacked

Once you deposit money, that money is not yours anymore – but is a part of the pot. However, it can be won back. Being aware of this and not viewing your opponents’ raises as personal attacks can help you keep your cool and improve your game. The big blind should play smart and use strategic methods.

Know Positions

Knowing positions is important in the game of poker. The big blind’s position does not include the best hands, but if you are aware of where you stand, that helps you to play better. Ensure to also calculate your equity at any given time.

Is It Even Worth Raising as Big Blind?

Many big blinds feel that, even when they have premium hands, they simply get sucked out. Is it even worth raising as a big blind? To raise or not to raise? Well, it is not always black and white.

When Not to Raise

There are situations when it is simply better not to raise as a big blind. In these situations, you should probably fold. Below are some of them:

• When you are playing with aggressive players

• When you have rag hands

• When there are many players in the hand

When Raising Could Work

Once again, it depends on each scenario. As discussed above, folding too much can also negatively impact the outcomes of your games. if you want to raise, it is more likely to work when you have been dealt premium hands.

Things to Consider When You Want to Raise as Big Blind

If you keep losing when you raise as a big blind, there are a few things you might not be doing right. For instance:

• You may not be raising enough

• You are not trying to understand your enemy

• You are trying to raise with rag hands


In the end, is it better to raise, or not to raise as big blind? Well, it depends. However, you should have a strong strategy in mind and be observant of your opponents. It is certainly not good to fold too often. Some things to keep in mind when playing big blind are:

• Be aware of your and others’ positions

• Stop your opponents from excessive bluffing

• Do not feel like your money is being stolen – once it is in the pot, it is not yours, but it can be won back

• Do not fold too much, or your opponents might take advantage of it

• Do not raise with rag hands

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