Sports betting and 4 other ways to make passive income online

The term passive or residual income has been a very trending one lately. A lot of people are interested in finding new ways to make money faster. Passive income is a great way to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Lazybuguru.ltinsightsand sports betting sites are just the tip of the iceberg. In this article, we’ll introduce five ways to make passive income online.

Sports betting

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, you can make money whilst making the right bets on sports events. In terms of being passive, this is not the least demanding way to make money but it definitely isn’t the most demanding also. You can label it as a passive way to make money because you can subscribe to a reputable betting predictions group or find experts that are insightful enough and follow them. By following their lead you can place winning bets. If you manage your bankroll well enough, you can easily get a 7-20% return each month.

Investing in dividend stocks

The best way to generate passive income through stocks is by choosing those which pay dividends. This way you not only profit from the rising value of the stock but also get paid a share of the profits. Over time, such an investment offers great return value, offering around 3-10% value in return over a quarter. Choose your dividend stocks carefully as you need to be sure and confident in the long-term vision of the company.


Probably the hottest thing on the market right now is NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are digital goods that have digital ownership rights. This means that an NFT can belong to someone and that ownership is registered and can’t be fraudulently claimed. On the market of today, you can sell a single NFT for anywhere between a few bucks to a few thousand. Creating them is quite easy to do and you don’t need any special licenses to sell. In addition, you can also resell the ones you bought for a profit.

Opening up your own dropshipping store

This is a method that has significant risk, but if you play your cards right, it may also have the potential for making you the most money. If you’re able to choose a winning product and market the product well, you can make a five-figure profit per month without any tech knowledge whatsoever. The hardest part is just being very consistent with your approach and trying hard until you finally succeed.

Selling collectibles

Platforms like StockX and eBay are not only great for buyers, they’re even better for sellers who can make a living off of just selling goods online. If you spend a few hours each day scrolling high-end fashion stores, electronics, or any other collectible good catalogs, you can make money off of your knowledge.

By purchasing items for retail price (rare and collectible items) you can try and immediately flip them for a profit or hold them until the value increases enough so that the sale makes you so much more profit.

All in all, these ideas can make money for you with little to no effort. Follow gameplay.ltto learn how to be more efficient in betting and similar games, and follow your passions to find the best niches for passive income. 

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