Dot Genie Deluxe Mount for Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Alexa: The Simplest and Cleanest High-End Outlet Wall Mount Hanger Stand for Kitchen and Bathroom Speakers (Matte White)

Price: $19.99
(as of Oct 19,2021 11:40:45 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Mount Genie LogoMount Genie Logo

Our mission is to create products that help make your home electronics simpler and easier to use.

Mount Genie designs high-quality mounting products for voice assistants and other smart technology. While smart home products are improving our personal and professional lives in countless ways, they also lead to unsightly cord clutter. Mount Genie aims to solve that problem with easy mounts that hide cords and make your smart home smarter than ever.

The Deluxe Mount by Dot GenieThe Deluxe Mount by Dot Genie

The Deluxe Mount by Dot Genie

No messy cords

The Deluxe Mount has a plug built onto the mount and comes with an adapter that connects the device to the mount.

Works for any outlet

Installs in seconds and works on vertical and horizontal outlets. This mount will even work on ceiling outlets!

Only covers one plug

The Deluxe Mount only takes up one plug allowing for other devices to be plugged in.

Simple and Easy to Use

Sleek design – looks great anywhere

Takes up minimal space

Great for any room in the house

Installs in seconds

Works on vertical and horizontal outlets

Installation Method

Plugs in to electrical outlet

Plugs in to electrical outlet

In wall installation. Requires some work.

Replaces outlet cover plate

Plugs in to electrical outlet.

Plugs in to electrical outlet

Type of outlet required

Any outlet

Any outlet

Any outlet within 10 feet

Decor style outlets; USB outlet preferred

Any outlet

Any outlet

Cord management

Plug built on to mount

Includes short cord

Includes 10′ USB and AUX adapter

Includes custom shortened cable

Includes short cord

Built-in device cord storage

Easily portable



No, mount sits in wall

No, requires cover plate to be removed



Looking for The best outlet mount for the newest Echo Dot 3rd gen? Search for “The Dot Genie” or click the link below in our comparison chart — you will love it!
Dot Genie created a patented custom plug with a “dummy ground” for strength that attaches to The Spot Deluxe and holds your device tightly in place in every possible outlet configuration with the least clutter. Even works on ceiling outlets!
The Deluxe Mount by Dot Genie installs in seconds and works with VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL outlets and does not block the second plug. The compact design allows for easy movement from room to room and great to take on trips!
A 3-prong outlet is required

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