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He’s dedicated to buying 111 Tesla Model 3s if BCH is additional as a payment technique. Is it a promotional stunt or somewhat more?

A BCH YouTuber has promised to purchase 111 Tesla Model 3s … but only if Tesla CEO Elon Musk decides to receive BCH for Tesla purchases from today on.

Going by the title “,” the Australian YouTuber clarified to nearly 8K followers over 3 short videos that he trusts Tesla would see a boost in sales as a consequence as there are numerous Bitcoin Cash groups who need to devote their cryptocurrency, while BTC supporters tend to need to hang on to their assets.

‘You will like unbelievable amount of support by people who really want to spend the Bitcoin Cash, not the people who just need to HODL the BTC.’

In late March the Bitcoin Cash community was discouraged to study that BCH had not been additional as a payment choice when Elon Musk long-established that U.S. customers might buy a Tesla using BTC.

The day next this public rebuff, BCH hit new all-time lows in contradiction of BTC of 0.089 BTC.

It is indistinct whether this latest BCH offer is just a promotional stunt by the YouTuber who has hosted his channel for 3 years now. 1stmil’s aptitude to pay for 111 Telsas is also an open question as the wallet exposed in the 1st  video, only holds about $141K in BCH, or sufficient to buy just three Teslas. On Reddit, he elucidated that he decisively did not want to disclose his other wallets for security details.

In previous videos he alludes to previously owning multiple millions in the crypto, forecasting he will make $1 billion when BCH spreads $50K by 2025. If true that would mean he holds at smallest $14.88M in BCH at current prices.

The cars he strategies to purchase, white Tesla Model 3s are presently sold in Australia for around $52K. Not including the volume discount, this would associate to an initial purchase of $5.8M.

He said he means to usage the Tesla EVs for a new business project, the particulars of which he cannot disclose yet. Though, on Reddit, he clarified that the cars will be stripped out & repurposed: “Let’s just say Tesla model 3s are sold in Australia below cost. Their shares are value more than their sum.”

This isn’t the first time BCH advocates have transported the crypto to Elon Musk’s attention. On March 25, in reply to Musk tweeting that “You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin,” Kim Dotcom likened BCH & BTC fees maxim the previous “is serving the mass market, not just the 1%.”


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