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On Monday, Jack Dorsey the creator of Twitter & Square witnessed a digital certificate or non-fungible token (NFT) of his first tweet being vended for $2.9M. The novel proprietor of the NFT Jack Dorsey tweet is the CEO of Bridge Oracle, Sina Estavi, who outbid the creator of Tron Justin Sun for the tokenized tweet.

  • The NFT asset hype has full-grown hugely & on Monday, March 22, 2021, Jack Dorsey’s tokenized tweet from March 21, 2006, was vended for $2.9M in ETH. reported on the tokenized 2006 Dorsey tweet during the 1st week of March when offers were up to $1.5M for the tweet.
  • Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was tokenized by a request named Valuables, which is functioned by a company named Cent. The Web3 well-matched website leverages the Matic blockchain for the tokenization procedure.
  • The last bid from the Bridge Oracle CEO Sina Estavi was for $2,915,835 or a trace over 1,630 ETH. The project Bridge Oracle is an oracle system constructed on the Tron network.
  • Tron creator Justin Sun has also been annoying to bid on the tweet & his previous offer for Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was for $2M or 1,304 ETH.
  • Twitter creator Jack Dorsey strategies to donate the $2.9M in ETH to a charity named Give directly, after moving the Eth into BTC.
  • Dorsey said on March 9, 2021 ‘Ending this March 21st we will directly change earnings to BTC. & send to Give directly Africa Response,’.
  • The tokenized tweet sale also shadows the lately heightened censure aimed at permanence susceptibility issues when it originates to long-term NFT asset storage. The debate has full-grown thick, as tokenized tweets alike Jack Dorsey’s new tokenized tweet, have been deleted & NFT images have been substituted.
  • The NFT hype lasts to swell as Monty Python’s John Cleese is vending an iPad drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge on Opensea, & Swedish musician & artist Jonas Quant proclaimed introduction an NFT named Dreaming.


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